Alghe Tostate

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    Toasted seaweed is a Korean household staple, It's high in fibre, low in calories, and contains no MSG. In the west, roasted seaweed usually comes to mind as an healthy alternative to potato chips or other snacks. But did you know that we eat them with rice at a dinner table? For example, Kimjaban seaweed flakes can be used as a topping or mixed into the rice; while seaweed sheets are used to wrap rice and meat. Discover all the seaweed collection there!


    8 prodotti
    Sushi Nori Seaweed 10 Sheets 25g - BiyoriRoasted Seaweed
    Sushi Nori Alga 10 Fogli 25g - Biyori
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    Toasted Seaweed With Olive Oil & Green Tea Gluten Free 4.5g - PacRoasted Seaweed
    Snack di Alghe Tostato Con Olio D'Oliva E Tè Verde Senza Glutine 4.5g - Pac
    Seaweed Rice Crisps 20g - BibigoRoasted Seaweed
    Seaweed Rice Crisps 20g - BibigoRoasted Seaweed
    Snack Croccante Alghe e Riso 20g - Bibigo
    Snack di Alghe Tostate 4gx3
    Samwon Food
    Snack Alghe Croccanti 5gx3 - Edo
    Gimjaban Fiocchi di Alghe Croccanti 70g (Furikake)
    Aonori Green Laver Seaweed Powder 20g - HayashiyaRoasted Seaweed
    Aonori Polvere Di Alghe Verdi 20g - Hayashiya
    Snack Coreano Di Alghe 8 Confezioni - Chung Jung One
    Chung Jung One
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