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    Self-heating Braised Pork Rice 300g - Zishan

    Want to enjoy an entire yummy meal, without the trouble of cooking? Meet Chinese instant self-heating pots, cooked with a self-heating pad! All you need is cold water and 15 minutes of patience.

    What type of meals do you find with self-heating pots?

    We have selected hot pots and clay pot rice.

    You can expect meat(beef or pork), vegetables, beancurd, and potato vermicelli in a self-heating instant hot pot. Never thought of enjoying Sichuan hot pot at home? Now you can! 

    Clay pot rice is a Cantonese specialty dish with crunchy rice cooked in a clay pot covered in a layer of meat and vegetable, absorbing the yummy juices.

    Instant Pots are the ultimate comfort food guaranteed for this winter! Try it for yourself now!

    Self-heating pot's cooking instructions:

    1. Dangerous! Don't use hot water in the below process! Use only cold water. Do not use the microwave.

    2. Remove the smaller bowl from the container. Add all food packs (be very gentle with the chili and chili sauce) to the smaller bowl then add cold water. 

    3. Put the self-heating pack at the bottom of the large external bowl, fill cold water to a specified line. The cooking process starts as soon as the heating pack hits the water, don't start step 2 if you haven't prepared your food bowl in step 1. 

    4. Set the smaller bowl inside the larger bowl, and cover it with the lid. 

    5. The cooking process takes about 15-20 minutes. Beware of hot steam coming from the holes and edges of the lid. When cooking with self-heating pots, always keep children or pets away.

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