Tire of waiting at home and missing the delivery? If you are in Italy, you can now choose to receive your parcel in a Inpost locker or Service Point, then collect it 24/7 hassle free.

Verify right now if there is an Inpost locker or Inpost Point near you here.


- €3.99 for most part of Italy

- €5.99 for Sardinia & Sicily

- Free shipping for orders over €79


- 2-4 working days.


- Max. weight 25kg

- Max. parcel size 60x40x38cm

*If your order exceed these limits, we will ship it with BRT and you'd be asked to pay the price difference


1. Make sure there is a locker or Inpost Point near you, you can search it here.

2. At check-out, type in your home address first, then choose "Inpost Service Point or Locker" under shipping method.



3. After you complete the payment, you'll see a pop-up on the Order Confirmation / Thank You Page where you are asked to select a Locker or Inpost point.


4. Choose the nearest available service point and remember to confirm the selection again.



5. Finally you will see that the chosen service point appears in the order confirmation details.



  1. You'll receive an email with tracking as soon as we ship your parcel
  2. You'll receive a second email or SMS, indicating the location of your package, collection time, pin or QR code for the pick up.
  3. If you are picking up your parcel from a locker, just select "Receive Parcel" then scan the QR code or input the pin you received.
  4. If you are picking up your parcel from a Inpost Point, you'll need to provide your name and QR code (or pin) to the operator.


Your parcel will be returned to us if it is not picked up within 3 days. You are requested to pay for the return shipment of €5.99 from Sardinia and Sicily, or €3.99 euro from the rest of Italy.