Luosifen - The unusual national favorite of China

Luosifen River Snail Noodle

Luosifen, it is called jokingly the durian of noodle soup, you either love it or hate it.

Originated in Liuzhou, Guangxi Province, the river snail based soup noodle has become the ultimate food cult in China. It features rice vermicelli soaked in a spicy and stinky broth flavored by river snails, topped with local ingredients including fermented bamboo shoots, green beans, pickled carrots, crispy peanuts and fried tofu skin. A bowl of Luosifen is a delicious conoction with rich and complicated flavors -- sour, spicy, savory and succulent, guaranteed to stimulate your taste buds. 

Pre-packaged Luosifen, which many describe as the "luxury version of instant noodles", usually comes with eight or more ingredients in vacuum-sealed packets. Due to its popularity and high demand in China and European markets, Luosifen products are often out of stock. We are lucky to have stocked up, even though in low quantity, these 4 different flavors in our store.

So how to cook the Luosifen noodles at home?

1. Bring a pot of water to boil, add the dried vermicelli and let it cook in medium heat for about 8-10 minutes until soft. In the last 30 seconds, you can add some Chinese green like Bok Choy. Drain and discard the water, place the noodle and fresh vegie in a bowl. 

2. Bring about 500-600ml of water to boil in a pot, add the snail soup base and let it cook for a minute. Toss in the vermicelli and let it cook for another minute, season with vinegar and chili oil (highly suggest you add them in gradually and taste it along the way to ensure that the flavors reache their balance). Top with the rest of the ingredients in the bags, and serve hot! 

We carry 4 types of Luosifen in our store, try them out and see for yourself why this odorous noodle has created such huge impact and addiction in the Asian food industry.



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